An artist's profile of Tom Howard

Although he has no formal training in art, Tom Howard has been drawing since he was a child. His interest in rustic scenes began to flower in 1979 when he did a drawing of a friend's log cabin. Since then his finesse in the "pen & ink" and watercolor genres have brought him awards, purchase awards, and popularity with both the general public and private collectors.

His main fascination lies with quiet scenes showing rustic landmarks, aging buildings, seascapes, and railroads. Being colorblind, Tom did most of his early work in pen and ink but later added watercolors as his experience grew (and with a lot of color-advice from his wife and kids). His Alma Mater, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, selected Tom's rendition of "Old Miami Field Gates" as it's special gift to leading Miami supporters in the early 80's.

Originally from Oxford, Ohio, Tom has lived in North Carolina since 1977 and worked as an industrial engineer until his retirement at the end of 2005. On the weekends he enjoys exibiting his artwork in a limited number of art shows and festivals where he can meet with others who share his fascination for the refreshing simplicity of the pastoral scene.